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Church not found?

wendell@wendell-laptop:~$ locate church

Let’s fix this on the free desktop!


Hello, folks.

It has been a long time since last post, blame microblogging services :). This is a post just to [randomically] say what I’m doing in my [dis]connected life.

Since November I started developing a product as a freelancer. It is finished, as we can call it 1.0. It was built on top of GNOME technologies and will run on GNOME machines, but unfortunately it’s not a free software. Yet. The plan is to release it as a free product when “it’s the right time”®.

Because of this project, I paused some development I was doing in Vinagre. I was working on SSH tunneling, aka VNC over SSH. I will restart the work before the end of the week, but I’m not sure if it will get into GNOME 2.30 because “Feature Freeze” and “UI freeze” are too close.

I have lots of things to do in both Vino and Vinagre, but unfortunately I don’t have all free time I wish. In a ideal world, I wish I got paid to work on GNOME. Yes, I know there’s no “ideal world” :)

So, please, wait patiently another cycle for big features, like RDP support in Vinagre. I hope you understand.

As last year I haven’t contributed to the Ubuntu project as I liked, I did not renew my Ubuntu membership. So, I’m not an Ubuntu member anymore, and my email address @ubuntu.com is not valid. Once I have done more contributions, I’ll reapply.

In other news, I just back from vacation, this time I did not travel or something, because my wife was operated, so, I spent all time taking care of her at home, with family. And I enjoyed it a lot!

Since last year we moved to our own home (an apartment), I own a motorcycle (best way to head to office), I use glasses and dental braces.

A goal for this year is to write a GNOME game (probably using Vala or Python). I won’t tell you what game it is to not break the surprise :)

See you!

Rounded boxes in gtk

Dear lazyweb,

Is there a GTK+ widget that draws a box with a rounded corner, just like those found in Gwibber? And that I could put my own stuff inside it?


Or it’s possible to do this easily?

I’m afraid not, so I will have to do it in HTML/WebKitGTK.

Vinagre 2.29.1

Hello, Internet! Today I just released Vinagre 2.29.1, with new cool features:

Reverse Connections (Listener mode of vncviewer):


I need help to create the documentation for this feature: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=597110

Ability to change the depth color and use JPEG compression (lossy encoding):


And a mini-toolbar in bookmarks panel:


Read the complete announcement: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-announce-list/2009-October/msg00069.html

If you want to be updated as the changes happen, just follow me at twitter or identica.

BTW, it would be nice if someone created a PPA repository (Ubuntu) for unstable vinagre. If you are interested, mail me!

News about Remote Desktop

Hi, folks. Yesterday I released vino and vinagre 2.27.90 (aka 2.28 Beta 1). News since 2.26:


  • Drop libgnome dependency (using libegg now)
  • Drop libglade dependency (using gtkbuilder now)
  • New (GConf) option to disable XDamage extension. See #533613.
  • Telepathy tubes: This allows you to share your desktop with an Empathy buddy.
  • Various minor fixes.


  • New plugin system. Implementing a new protocol is just a matter of writing a plugin.
  • Telepathy tubes: This allows you to control your Empathy buddy’s desktop.
  • New command line options: –fullscreen and –vnc-scale.
  • Screenshot can be saved in various formats.
  • Toolbar in fullscreen mode is now centralized.
  • Panel applet is now optional. Disable it with –disable-applet.
  • New *very basic* SSH plugin. Enable it with –enable-ssh in configure.
  • Use GtkBuilder instead of Glade.
  • Support for UltraVNC MS-Logon authentication (requires gtk-vnc 0.3.9)
  • Various minor fixes.

Speaking of vinagre, it’s planned for 2.30 (or 3.0) a new RDP plugin, to access MS Windows machines. I’m waiting for a friend who promissed me to write a gtk+ widget for this (concept similar to gtk-vnc). Yes, Jorge. I’m talking about you :)

Please, if you can, try it out and report possible regressions, once the code has changed a lot since last stable version.

Ah, because of this, I’ve reached 1000 commits(!!) according with CIA.vc.

GNOME Rocked at FISL

Hello, folks.

This is a quick post (written in the airport, while waiting my flight to Gran Canaria) just to tell you that GNOME Brazil one more time rocked at FISL – International Free Software Forum, which took place (again, as every year) in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil.

Thanks to GNOME Foundation, I was able to attend the event, and represent GNOME there, along with many Brazilian GNOMErs. We had a booth and a communitarian event, where I, Vinicius Depizzol, Gustavo (kov) Noronha and Julio talked about the past and the future of the GNOME Desktop, as well about how to contribute with the project.

Some pictures (click for larger size and for the description):

De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009
De fisl 2009

Ah, also thanks to the GNOME Foundation I’m right now boarding to Gran Canaria, to GUADEC! This edition is special because it gets together GUADEC and Akademy (KDE) into a single conference. Looking forward to beat KDE guys in the Freefa soccer tournement!

Remote Access and 3D Effects

Just a quick post to say that Vino 2.26.2, which will be released next week will have a workaround for a bug that some proprietary video drivers have with the XDamage extension of X.Org.

If you have a nvidia/ati driver and 3D effects enabled and nobody manages to access your desktop over VNC, it’s enough to change the GConf key /desktop/gnome/remote_access/disable_xdamage to TRUE. You can use the gconf-editor program or edit this key directly from the terminal with the command-line program gconftool.

Most video drivers nowadays work correctly with 3D and XDamage extension. Just do the trick above if Vino is not working on your environment.

Ubuntu bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/353126
GNOME bug: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=533613

New vino dialog

Today I released Vino 2.25.5, which features a new configuration dialog and the UPnP support:


Yes, I dropped some ‘advanced’ stuff, they remain in GConf.

PHP and Oracle on Ubuntu Server

Here are a few steps to have your PHP with Oracle (OCI8) support. I assume you already have Apache and PHP running. I have tested this procedure with Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy, LTS) Server Edition.

Install some needed packages:

sudo apt-get install php-pear php5-dev libaio1 build-essential

Download the Oracle Instant Client:

You need the packages:

  • Basic client
  • SDK
  • SQL Plus (Optional)

Unzip all downloaded files in /opt/instantclient

Run the commands below:

cd /opt/instantclient
sudo ln -s libclntsh.so.11.1 libclntsh.so
sudo ln -s libocci.so.11.1 libocci.so
sudo sh -c ‘echo “/opt/instantclient” > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/oracle.conf’
sudo ldconfig

Let’s install OCI8 module:

sudo pecl install oci8

When asked for Oracle PATH, type:

all <ENTER>
instantclient,/opt/instantclient <ENTER>

Put the newly created extension in PHP config:

sudo sh -c ‘echo “extension=oci8.so” > /etc/php5/conf.d/oracle.ini’

Restart your apache:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Check with phpinfo() if OCI8 module was loaded.

That’s All!

Latinoware and GNOME Forum

It’s over… what a pity. It was one of the best events I’ve ever attended. This time was special: I took my wife with me! We enjoyed it a lot!

Wednesday – 29 Oct

We arrived in Foz do Iguaçu in the morning, and went directly to Paraguay. We didn’t even got out of the bus, due to a strong rain. Went back to hotel. Met Fábio (GNOME translator) and gave a walk through the city. At night, after an endless waiting, we got dinner, sponsored by Latinoware. Fish food, very good:

Turkey rocks

Izabel, Wendell, Eline (my wife) and Fábio

Everybody was hungry

Thursday – 30 Oct

First day of the event, get the credentials, get the booth ready, meet the friends, this stuff. At night we had a opening drink, and a “light show”, in the Itaipu. The dinner was pizza:


Watching a video about Itaipu

Waiting for the bus

GNOMErs in the bus

Friday – 31 Oct

Friday was free for most of us. In the morning, we went to Paraguay, make some shopping. Crazy place, lots, lots of people. After lunch, time to visit the wonderful Iguassu Falls: Just amazing, incredible miracle of the nature!

Duda and Fábio at Paraguay

Waiting for the late guys, to go to the falls

Just a bit wet!


Wonderful view

Nice shot, by vdepizzol

Saturday, 01 Nov

Better day, after all it’s the GNOME Forum Day. We had talks from 10 am to 7 pm! Pictures and details about our Forum can be found at http://br.gnome.org/GNOMEBR/VForum (pt-BR). In the end of the day we had our last dinner :(.

Diego at his talk

Me, talking about a11y

The end :(

Final dinner

Final considerations

I would like to thank the GNOME Foundation and Latinoware for making this happen. It really rocks. It was really wonderful to meet old and new friends.

Of course, I must thank Izabel Valverde, who – one more time – organized our Forum. Izabel, thank you very much!